Sunday nothings & Laura Marling;

Having another lazy sunday (when do I ever have a busy sunday? ha!) today. Going out for a meal later with my family which I'm looking forward to - have been eating really well recently so I feel I can have a good meal there.  It's kind of half celebrating my sister's degree results (she got a first in Psychology!) and my mum's birthday. Should be good! 

I'm not sure what my plans for this week are - I want to keep busy and doing housework to earn more money for Uni but also want to see my friends! Saying that, my bus pass has expired from college so now I have to pay £3.50 to get into town :( boo! Yeah, I'll plan some free trips - maybe have to walk to town, whoopee.

Hope everyone else has a lovely day! Listening to Laura Marling, hence the title :)


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Jasmin said...

aww love Laura Marling, so dreamy and perfect for a Sunday. x