Happy (dozy) August;

Hello lovelies. Hope you're all well :)

I spent the day with Lou & Jess today, just relaxing with her lovely dogs and in my case, eating biscuits. Nom nom, good day :) Relaxing now and will be going to the cinema tomorrow with my sister to finally watch HP! We finally watched all of them and I'm itching to find out what happens as I never read the last book. Should be good!

I wore that outfit up there ^^^ today, along with a blazer. Standard lazy outfit without wanting to look too lazy of course ;) but really, how knackered do my eyes look in that first one?! I need a lie in it seems haha.

Hollyoaks time! Does anyone still watch it? I've just got back into it, I love a good old lover's tiff ;)



Bethany Heron said...

You look beautiful :) xx

Gabby said...

Awh thankyou Bethany! x