Hold your devil by his spoke, spin him to the ground

shirt, topshop / shorts, dorothy perkins / shoes, m&s
nails / rimmel "black pearl"

Lazy-shirty-outfit today (as per usual) I'm in such a lazy mood lately! Can't be bothered to leave the house that much, would rather stay in and watch films! I did go out today, got some Dylon dye for the top I posted about yesterday - dyed it red! Hope it comes out nice when I wash it tomorrow.

Tomorrow my sister comes back for the weekend :) she's staying in York lots because of..... work stuff, I don't know, I can't keep up! But hey ho she's back for the weekend. She's back properly for summer in August! Ha. Hopefully we're going to watch Bridesmaids eee. Been waiting ages to see it!

New development for you all: After weighing myself for the first time in ages a few days ago, I've decided I want to lose a stone before Uni. I know I'm not "fat", whatever people's description of fat is these days, but I'd like to shed a little weight. Cue daily rowing machine efforts and healthy eating! I've done quite well today - had no biscuits, all day! That's unheard of hahah.

Any random weight loss tips? Please let me know!

Going to get some tea (without sugar, boo) and watch some telly :)


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