22nd July

How is it nearly August!? Waaah. I told myself I'd let myself relax in July, and let the worrying commence in August. And now it's nearly August, perfect.

Spent the day yesterday getting out of the house to visit a friend, who I hadn't seen in ages. And also won't see again for ages, ha! Such is life eh. We tried to watch The King's Speech but.. well I didn't think it was that special? Tbh I didn't finish watching it because it was so dull, but I might finish it off today. Colin Firth's adorable though <3

My sister's home for the weekend, so we'll just relax and do some baking I think!



Rachel said...

Lovely pics :) I cannot believe it's nearly August either, in fact I think I'm in denial! xx

Gabby said...

Rachel: Me too, it's come around so fast! Although I can't wait for winter :) x

jennie said...

Lovely photographs! I'm totally the same, I can't believe it's almost August! Where has this year gone?! xoxo