I know lots of people have heard about the tragic deaths of both the people of Norway and Amy Winehouse over this weekend. I pray that nobody else is added to the list but sadly this probably won't be the case. Death is such a strange thing, it takes away someone in an instant, what's beyond is unknown and what is left behind is a deep hole. So for those of people who are trying to gauge which death deserves more attention, stop. Stop stop stop. Any death is as important as the next, everyone is equal, no matter what their circumstance is. So many other people today will have lost their lives in the world today be it through an accident, natural causes or tragic losses such as poverty. It's a shame, no doubt about it, but the best we can do whilst we are lucky enough to still be around is to respect the dead and their memory, and never forget just how fragile life is. 

Makes you appreciate the simple things doesn't it?


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