Life's greatest mystery & other ramblings.

Life's greatest mystery.

Well this is my life's current greatest mystery, aside from books I can't understand and how to make the perfect brew: How can one stay happy and eat healthily?

I referred to myself as "one", oh dear. But anyway, Like I mentioned previously I'm trying to lose around a stone before university. I eat well, try to exercise everyday and wait for it - have stopped baking. Practically killing me that. Although I did need a break from it as my fairy-cake skills were dwindling somewhat... anyway.

Wish I could make these!

If anyone else is losing weight like me, and knows of any foods that are edible whilst trying to lose weight (ie taste lovely and are low fat), please tell me! I'm getting sick of carrots and cous cous.

Might go on a walk today, that can be my exercise. Cooing over the cute ducks at the duckpond methinks.


Other ramblings.

I love Laura Marling.
I'm not painting my nails all week, shock horror.
I'd love to get a dog.
Most of my time these days is spent watching friends - no shame.
I think I'll clean my room today, although I know lots of spiders are lurking. :(
More cous cous for lunch.

I want to spend the day like this!



Rachel said...

Your blog is really cute! :) Those cupcakes look amazing! I guess as long as your exercising and eating healthily you're still allowed treats every now and then so don't give up on the baking! xx

Gabby said...

Rachel: I know what you mean, but I always feel like it's one step back when I eat a cupcake! Not fair! I wish there was such a thing as "healthy baking" :') xxx