Miss you.

Hope everyone's having a lovely sunny day like I am here up North! I'll go out for a walk with my mum when she gets home, nice to get a bit of exercise in eh! I currently look horrendously unattractive - well, not completely - just been feasting on some herby bread I made, and have a fat lip. I have no idea where it came from, I haven't walked into a door mid-sleep have I? Wouldn't put it past me.

The plans for the rest of this week include seeing some friends and generally mooching as usual. I really, really want a nice day out somewhere like Stratford Upon Avon but I have zilch funds, booo. Someone's welcome to whisk me away ha! Yesterday I met up with my beautiful friend Mary and we had a right old catch up with tea and a film (and cake..), lovely. Here's what I wore:

The skirt and top are Topshop, and anyone that's been reading this blog for a while will know the watch is my grandad's. I love that belt, it feels so vintage-y! (Also Topshop though, booo).

Off to tidy up the kitchen as I've covered it in flour! I'm not a clean baker...


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