Friday Happiness; #4

1. Photographs
2. Big shirts
3. Good hair days
4. Rings
5. Recipe books
6. Dates to look forward to
7. "The Tree of Life" film
8. Sunshine
9. Relaxation
10. Candles

Decided to give you 10 things that make me happy, instead of the usual 5! I'm in a good mood today, went out for a walk and am going on another later with my mum. Walking is such an easy way to exercise! Might even constitute making brownies at the weekend... I have such a sugar craving, oh dear. Going to pick my sister up from York tomorrow, so that's most of saturday gone as it's a long drive. Although may watch some more Harry Potter films in the evening and on sunday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, if I do end up making the brownies I'll try and take a photo before I eat them all ;) 


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