Tunic, Republic
Jeans, Topshop
Necklace, H Samuel

Apologies for the moody expression and huge boobs. They always look so much bigger in tunics/tshirt, woe my life! Ha. This outfit isn't typically "me" because 1. I have jeans on, and 2. It's orange. I tried to dye it red and it didn't work :/ so will try another colour. Maybe dark green? 

Today is spent reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" - Saw the film, bloody loved it so am reading the book now. Problem? It's huge. Ah well, will keep me from boredom I suppose.

I've started a mammoth list for University now - would anyone like me to blog it?

Finished this yesterday - my second favourite play, absolutely wonderfully confusing.

Does anyone have a favourite play to read? Recommend me some!



shanice said...

I hate Shakespeare -.- probably a bit stupid of me to be studying English in uni but I'm hoping I can somehow avoid him, hah. Your tunic is lovely :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

Absolutely love your tunic - really like peter pan collars x

Laura Wadkin said...

I've read "The Other Boleyn Girl", I really enjoyed it! I loved the film as well. :) x

Gabby said...

Shanice - He's not for everyone, I understand! I wish I was studying Lit at uni, sadly couldn't get high enough grades :(

Temp Sec - Thankyou :) I barely ever wear them but will definitely invest in more for winter!

Laura - I'm loving the book so far :)!

Thankyou for your lovely comments ladies xxx

jos xx said...

i don't really like drama, in fact once we had to study "Romeo and Juliet" which was a nightmare to me!!! however, i really like fiction stories. I havent watched "The other boleyn girl" even though i heard a lot of positive comments about it!

jos xx

Gabby said...

Jos - I had to study R&J at GCSE, I remember it well! All I did was watch the DVD with Leo DiCaprio in ;) ha. You should definitely watch it - I don't normally like the whole history thing with Kings and Queens but this one was so so good!


cheyenne davide. said...

you look great in this outfit! ahaha no worries about the boobs, I wish I had bigger boobs, mine are like atoms. LOL there's literally nothing there, just mosquito bites chillin on my chest 24/7! Haaaa bummer lol x

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the outfit :).

Sadie xx


Gabby said...

Cheyenne - Oh I'd swap in a heartbeat! :') x

Sadie - Thankyou my dear :) x