Can you spy me in the background? Ha I had no idea there was someone with a camera around, I was just nervously waiting in the queue at college!

Ok time to update you on the 2 most stressful days of my life in a while! As many of you know it was A Level results day on thursday and I achieved A grades in English Literature and General Studies, and B grades in Geography and Biology. Now, I nearly collapsed at the sight of that B in biology - I was worried I would get a D, the exams went horribly! So I was extremely proud of myself for getting that. The only thing that let me down was the Geography grade. As you've probably guessed by this blog I love geography and I consider myself pretty decent at it too, I had no doubt in my mind that I'd get an A. Unfortunately I either had a bitch of a marker on my last exam or it just wasn't my day. Because of not getting the A, both my firm and insurance choice rejected me before 11am. I was absolutely broken, I'd gotten used to the fact I'd get in, somewhat complacently I guess. So I had to go into Clearing - the dreaded Clearing. With 4 times as many applicants going through the system than usual it was insane - I rang so many universities and had just missed out on vacancies. I rang Liverpool after 12pm and got through to the loveliest man who calmly took my details and about the course I wanted to apply for. Turns out I'm slightly overqualified for it as it only needed BBB, but I just wanted a place.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I've gotten my place confirmed on the Oceans, Climate and Physical Geography course at the University of Liverpool, a wonderful city. Been looking at my information pack all day, it's so hard to get used to the fact I'll be moving away in less than a month! I'm visiting the University tomorrow, before going out with friends to celebrate. It#s been such a whirlwind I cannot tell you.

I hope everyone else did wonderfully!


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claire (jazzpad.) said...

That is BRILLIANT news! I remember that results day was such a roller coaster of emotions, but I know from friends that Liverpool is wonderful, and yay Geography! That's what I study to. If you want to make yourself stand out academically in your first week, have a look on the Royal Geographical Website this week! They've got the annual conference and lots of talks and seminars which should be published online at some point. ♥