Blouse, Vintage
Jeans, Topshop

Hello lovelies :) hope you're all well on this... er, rainy/not rainy/rainy day!

That outfit is quite old and probably not the best in that lighting, but I haven't shown you my latest charity shop find - that blouse! I really need to sort the sleeves out because they're so puffy, but aside from that is lovely. Black, a silky material with slight pinstriping.

I went to Liverpool today with my mum, dad and sister and after failing to find the MUA Heaven & Earth palette I still managed to get a few things from H&M. Their A/W stock is lovely! I got a camel coloured lazy tee and a wonderful deer-print blouse, with a dipped hem. I'm loving those dipped hems!

Has anyone else got any nice bits and bobs from H&M lately? Let me know!



shanice said...

Your blouse is lovely :) H&M's a/w collection is brilliant isn't it, though they seem to have put the prices up a bit!x

Gabby said...

Shanice - Thankyou :)! I know, they have gone up in price slightly but they're still cheap compared to Topshop eh! Also the basics range is still cheap as chips ;)

Bethany Heron said...

Such a gorgeous simple outfit :)