The sun makes me tired..

Oops. Currently lounging round in a cut-up topshop tshirt that was way too big for me to begin with. I've spent my day trying to revise, and sunbathing. Going out for a wander round the village with Joe soon and then off to spend the evening with my best ladies to have a natter. I could have done more with my day but pffft.

Dress, Topshop (tshirt that is way too big for me!)
Scallop edged waistcoat, DIY



TheMadTwins said...

That dress from TopShop is amazing :)
The pattern is lovely!

xxx London & Paris

Gabby said...

Thankyou :) it's supposed to be a tshirt - that's a size 12! Don't know what was up with their styling that year :') xxx