Royal Wedding

Happy RW Day all of you Brits! I feel so proud to be British right now, I'm not generally that patriotic but when you see hundreds of thousands of people celebrating such a wonderful event, you do feel proud.

The wedding had it all;
- First and foremost, a beautiful Sarah Burton dress
- A lovely setting
- Sweet vows
- Reference to Chaucer
- ...a lovely dress. I already said that.

But really, she looked stunning. And with that special lily bouquet (I can't remember the particular type of lilly!), and the lace detail, and the veil... the train was a bit silly but I guess you've got to have one if 2bn people are watching you eh.

And how cuuute were the page boys/bridesmaids?! Ahh so so so cute :')

Lovely thing to watch, and now I'm going to do a couple of hour's revision with a pot of tea, and probably give up halfway and watch some stand up comedy. Sorted.


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Hivenn said...

I'm so obsessed with her mcqueen dress. x hivenn