Not so Happy Monday

Hello lovelies. Today was the day of the funeral for the person I lost last week. It was hard as it was my first funeral, but at the same time it was a wonderful way to say goodbye, and luckily the weather was nice - just how he would have liked it. I'm absolutely shattered now, this week has drained me and today especially, so I'm looking forward to a lazy evening followed by a lie-in, and then getting back into the routine of revision/seeing my wonderful friends who have all been so supportive.

This is not a vain attempt at sympathy, just what I was deciding on wearing. In the end I wore black skinnies, a blazer and dark blue top - I didn't feel comfortable going for the whole Gothic-Victorian shabang if I'm honest. I do like that blouse though, it's my mums but she doesn't wear it anymore so I may "borrow" it more often!

I might post again later, if I have the energy to get up from the sofa!


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