Happy Good Friday!

Hello Lovelies.

Today I went to Manchester in the morning for a mooch around the shops with my sister. I had a headache though, so wasn't too enamoured by anything. Two things that cheered me up however, (food related of course), were the free samples we were given in Hotel Chocolat (and the tiddly pot I bought!) and also the beautiful tuna melt I got from Eat. Could live off tuna, seriously. Here's what I wore;

1. Dress with belt, Miss Selfridge

2. Bunny ring, H&M

3. Glittery nail varnishes I tried on quickly in Superdrug (2 for £5!), Barry M

4. Anklet/necklace, ASOS (on my pale, pale ankle -.-)

I also made macaroons again with my sister, this time noticing the difference between caster sugar and ground almonds/icing sugar! Mine turned out a caramel shade and look quite... trendy in a way? Taste nice too! May have some later whilst watching Invicticus with the family. I'll post pictures of them soon.

Have a wonderful evening :)


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