506 posts deleted, let's start again.

Hello :)

Oh I know, I can't stay away from this thing for too long can I! I've got rid of my posts (I finally worked out how to - being the tech whizz I clearly am), and am starting a fresh. The past week I lost someone very close to my heart, and have decided to make a fresh start for this wonderful person who I'll miss very, very much.

Now, the one thing that's actually stopped me going insane recently is the delightful music of The Tallest Man On Earth (aka Kristian Matsson), and if I ever have the privilege of meeting him I will certainly say thankyou. His music truly takes me away from all my worries and calms me down, which has helped so much.

Also must say thankyou to any of my nearest and dearest reading this, you've all helped me through the past few months and it's about time I stopped moping around. So, fresh start. :)



Heena* said...

Nice to see you back, lovely :) hope you're doing okay. :) xxxx

Gabby; said...

Thankyou my dear :) xxx